Outreach Programmes

Outreach Programmes

Shariah Compliant Finance

Gatehouse co-sponsors the Oxford University Islamic Banking and Finance Society (IBFS), which is tasked with fostering improved understanding of Shariahcompliant finance.

The IBFS provides a platform for Islamic banking practitioners to network and forge links with students at Oxford University who aspire to a career in one of the fastest growing sectors of the financial services industry.

Real Estate From an Investment Perspective (REFIP)

Gatehouse is involved in several initiatives to promote financial literacy amongst women in the Middle East, including workshops and one-to-one tutoring. However, perhaps the most important element of these programmes (named ‘Generation F’) are the MBA programme lectures Azeemeh Zaheer and Mohammad Razzouqi have given at the Dar Al Hekma College in Saudi.

These REFIP (Real-Estate from an Investment Perspective) lectures provide real world exposure and analysis derived from personal experience.

Coverage of our Generation F project led to Ms Zaheer being invited to participate in a panel discussion at the 2013 World Islamic Economic Forum in London. The project has not only raised the profile of Gatehouse’s efforts to empower women in the Middle East, but also reflects positively on those companies that have supported this initiative, including Gatehouse Capital and CBRE.

Gatehouse is working on a number of other partnerships to roll out the REFIP course to universities in Kuwait and eventually across the GCC region.